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Our names are Jaime McCool and Mike Voss. We are in love with each other, our pup, three kitties and editing. We founded MJ in 2009 after having worked for a Chicago photographer where we managed studio and lab operations, scheduled a staff of hustling photographers and conducted sales meetings. If our long tenure behind the scenes taught us anything, it illustrated just how hard a photographer works; before, during and after an event. Editing is our passion and livelihood as photography is yours. Our mission is to alleviate the stress of editing so you can focus on what matters most: family, friends, growing your business and, more important, finding the time to enjoy the brand you've worked so very hard to build. Your images tell a story your clients will cherish for a lifetime. We are proud to be involved in making that happen.

Your small investment in MJ is a gigantic investment in both your personal and professional lives. We will never take that for granted. 

Thanks so much for stopping by!

"Working with MJ is an absolute dream. As an individual, boutique photographer, I have limited resources to manage my business and I have to be able to count on my business partners 100% of the time. Mike and Jaime provide not only expert post-processing work, but their personal approach to working with me on the right look for my images gives me the confidence and peace of mind to focus on other aspects of my business. Their services are key to my providing the best experience to my clients".  -  Angela Garbot, Angela Garbot Photography

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