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Basic Retouching

$30 / hour

Includes services such as:

- Eye and teeth whitening

- Skin softening

- Smoothing of wrinkles

- Removal of bags under eyes

- Eye glass glare

Acceptable methods of payment are Visa, MasterCard and electronic bank-to-bank. Payment is due upon completion at which time we will contact you for information. Credit card information will be kept on file and used for all events until you specify otherwise.

Advanced Retouching

$50 / hour

Includes more complicated projects not covered under Basic Retouching such as:

- Removal of objects / people

- Head swapping

- Alteration of figures (neck /      arm slimming, etc)

Retouching is always timed out to the minute and never estimated.

15% off your first order

(not to be used in conjunction with existing promotions)

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