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By using MJ Studio Solutions as your post-production specialists, you agree to the following terms and conditions. MJ Studio Solutions reserves the right to change, alter and/or update these terms and conditions at any time with or without notice. Continued use of MJ Studio Solutions services constitutes consent to these terms and conditions as then in force and effect.



Right of Use and Copyright


All images edited by MJ Studio Solutions will retain their original copyright protections. By sending images to MJ Studio Solutions you are giving us permission to modify these images. You, the client, own or have permission to use the copyright for images submitted to MJ Studio Solutions for editing, processing and /or designs. If you, the client, are not the copyright owner, you have obtained legal permission from the copyright owner to submit images to MJ Studio Solutions for editing, processing or designs. By submitting the images to MJ Studio Solutions you are in no way granting rights to the images to MJ Studio Solutions. MJ Studio Solutions may request the right to use images for sample purposes.


Payment Options and Terms


MJ Studio Solutions accepts payments in the form of credit cards and electronic bank deposits. Payment is due in full upon completion of the job. MJ Studio Solutions will not be held responsible for delays in turnaround times due to payment error. 



Pricing is subject to change. The MJ Studio Solutions website, social media and pricing guide will be updated as soon as any changes occur. 

Image Protection and Responsibilities

It is the client’s responsibility to properly back up their files before shipping to MJ Studio Solutions. Do not send us original files. MJ Studio Solutions is not responsible for devices and files lost, deleted or damaged during shipment. We will retain copies of client files for no longer than one month after the job is completed. It is the client’s responsibility to notify MJ Studio Solutions within 15 days of damage to the media. MJ Studio Solutions will then resend the job as quickly as possible. Notification beyond the 15-day policy will result in charges for redoing the job. Clients may want to protect themselves by researching warranty information for their devices, insuring their shipments and obtaining tracking numbers.

Satisfaction Policy

MJ Studio Solutions is designed to accommodate the individual photographer. Just as each file is treated on its own merit, so is the artist who produced it. Each MJ Studio Solutions client has an in-house profile dedicated to their unique style to ensure quality and consistency throughout the mutual relationship. If a client wishes to alter their profile specifics they are required to inform MJ Studio Solutions before the job is submitted. 

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