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It's super easy!

We want to make workflow between photographer and editor as easy as possible. No clunky, unreliable FTP sites, no reason to create an account. Here's how it works: 

1. (optional) We like to begin with initial trial processing of up to 10 images at no charge in order to dial in your personal style. We will consult with you or reference your website/blog images. Trial images will be returned the same day and we can certainly do a second round based on your feedback. We're game!

2. You upload your compressed LR smart previews catalog via our website or a dedicated Drop Box folder which we'll share with you upon request. 

3. (optional) We will do a handful of key test images before beginning work. 

4. Once the catalog is complete we will invoice you and charge the credit card on file or await your electronic bank-to-bank payment. 

5. Catalogs are returned as updated .lrcat files via the shared Drop Box folder or WeTransfer file delivery. If you need exported hi-res JPEGs they will be uploaded to the shared Drop Box folder. 

We guarantee immediate correspondence with your personal editor throughout the process should you have any questions. Please never hesitate to reach out!

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