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.07 per image culled out

You designate the percentage or number to be culled out and we'll leave you with only the best images.

Culling is based on the following criteria:

- Duplicate images

- Blurry images

- Closed eyes

- Awkward expressions

- Variety of images

Of course, we will always cull according to any perameters you may set.

We offer pick up and delivery of hard drives at no charge for photographers located within Chicago city limits.

15% off your first order

(not to be used in conjunction with existing promotions)


.25 per image

We will work to match your style and apply any applicable presets. You will have direct correspondence with your editor who works on each and every event you submit. Our service is highly customizable depending on your needs but includes:


- Test images before work begins (if desired)

- Exposure / Contrast / Color

- Tone Curve

-  H/S/L adjustments where needed

- Cropping and straightening (if desired)

- Sharpening (if desired)

- Renaming/renumbering (if desired)

- Categorizing (if desired)

- Black and white conversion 

- Lightroom Catalog or hi-res JPEGS delivered upon completion. 

Turnaround: 7 - 10 business days

300 images or less: 2-3 business days

Turnaround time is guaranteed and may be faster depending on work queue.

Acceptable methods of payment are Visa, MasterCard and electronic bank-to-bank. Payment is due upon completion at which time we will contact you for information. Credit card information will be kept on file and used for all events until you specify otherwise.

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